What is a Plugin?

Plugins are a very powerful tool that allow you to extend Zenbership beyond it's core functionality. When you create plugins, you are essentially creating stand alone modules within Zenbership, allowing you to alter the administrative dashboard, work with the Zenbership database, and even work with outside databases and APIs.

At their core, plugins are a series of hooks that take on the configuration of a plugin.


The plugin system only works with Zenbershio v115 and above. If you are using an earlier version, you will have to rely on hooks alone to create custom functionality.

Walkthrough: Creating a Plugin From Scratch!

  1. Setting Up Your Plugin
  2. Understanding The Plugin Object
  3. Creating an Installer/Uninstaller
  4. Adding Configuration To Your Plugin
  5. Creating and Using Frontend Routes And Views
  6. Adding Hooks To Your Plugin
  7. Custom Plugin Classes And Functionality
  8. Creating an Administrative Dashboard Component
  9. Adding Cron Jobs To Your Plugin

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